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Why should you pay for professional content writers?

Content is the king! Long live the king!


Well-written content connects you with your clients

Well-written and edited web content connects you with your clients and users. The first step towards that goal is identifying your target audience and adjusting the content, tone, and language of our texts to meet their needs.


Original, high-quality content improves Google rankings

Google and other search engines have complex built-in mechanisms that rank websites based on keyword relevance, originality of the text, and many other factors.  A professional copywriter familiar with best SEO practices is here to help you get the most out of your texts and the best possible organic Google ranking.


A “scientific+creative two-step” method gives measurable results

We approach each text with a two-step method. In the first step, we are using marketing techniques (such as marketing psychology, market analysis, keywords analysis,…) to determine the form and the parameters of a certain text.

In the second step, we are getting creative. We write original content, relevant to your niche, adjusted to meet the desires of your target audience. This original content is then put inside pre-determined parameters to increase the conversion rate.


You get what you pay for

A well researched and written article is a potentially powerful marketing tool that pays itself off. A cheap, badly-written article, on the other hand, can do you more harm than good. Our writers are highly educated, meticulous, skillful, experienced, and goal-driven. Trust us, they are worth every penny. 


Writing copy for websites: from $15 to $30 per hour

Writing posts for Social Media – $30/hour (from $5 per post)

Editing – $15/hour

Branding –  from $500

Choosing domain names – $150 per domain

Creating catchphrases – from $300

Writing titles – custom job, get in touch


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